CCID2 is organized by the following people:

Shaowen Bardzell is an Assistant Professor of Human-Computer Interaction Design at Indiana University. She specializes in socio-cultural computing, with an emphasis on emotional, intimate, and embodied experiences, a series of research themes that contribute to the broader agenda of feminist HCI that she is developing. Recent work has focused on HCI and feminist social science as well as technosexuality.

Ann Light is Reader in Interaction, Media and Communication at Sheffield Hallam University. She is interested in the social impact of technology and the politics of participation in design. She is part of the British “Bridging the Global Digital Divide” network and has co-organized several international workshops on the theme, such as OzCHI08’s “Inclusivity, Interaction Design and Culture”.

Jeffrey Bardzell is an Associate Professor of Human Computer Interaction Design at the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University – Bloomington. He specializes in the theorization of interaction criticism, the aesthetics of software interfaces, amateur multimedia design communities, and digital creativity.

Mark Blythe is Professor of Interdisciplinary Design at Northumbria University in Newcastle, UK. His research interests include the ageing population, looming ecological catastrophe and the messed up world we’re in. Yes and how computers will save us all, of course. Recent work includes collaborations with Goldsmiths’ Interaction Research Studio based at a residential care home and a nunnery.

Advisory Board

Gilbert Cockton is a Full Professor in the School of Design at Northumbria University, leading research on humane approaches to design across interaction design and related practices (product, service, interior, visual). Recent work has applied critical perspectives from philosophy to the analysis of high level principles for interaction design.

Peter Wright is a Professor of Social Computing at Newcastle University. His background is cognitive psychology. His research areas are human-computer interaction and experience-centred design. His recent research projects include theory and method for experience-centred design, landscape of cross-generational engagement, and participatory design of health care services.


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